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Jamie Chung is a still-life photographer who transforms every-day objects into photos of wonder and discovery.

While Chung’s photos vary greatly in subject and feeling, they consistently deliver a beauty unmatched by many of the world’s best photographers. Delivered with a lurid and fascinating style, objects in his photographs often mimic natural processes from cofee grounds referencing geologic formations to chaotic smoke swirls emanating from extinguished matches.

Photos of evolving modern technologies are presented next to others containing human and animal forms and their inner workings from blood vessels to simulated hummingbird wings. Juxtaposed all together, Jamie Chung’s work tells a story of our modern world and the rapid convergence of science and technology with the human condition and the natural world.

Chung has worked with a range of clients in subjects from fashion to politics. Some of these include: V Magazine, ESPN, Bacardi, Bloomerg Business Week, Men’s Journal, and Popular Mechanics.

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