What’s Inside? from Brosmind

Brosmind Whats Inside Character Illustrations

Brosmind Whats Inside Ilustration_03

Brosmind Whats Inside Ilustration_04

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Brosmind About

Based in Barcelona, Brosmind is a two-man studio founded by brothers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro in 2006.

The studio excels at producing wonderful and strange illustrations for diverse clients such as Nike, Microsoft, Virgin, Volkswagen, and Kidrobot.

What’s Inside, the studio’s first personal project, is especially bizarre and alluring. “It was an unrushed job, almost craftwork, in clear contrast with the frenzied advertising work we were doing at the time. Such was the care with which we carried out the project, that we came to idealize its completion. So when we were offered an exhibition space to present it, we found ourselves incapable of finishing it…”

When the project was finally completed and installed in a gallery setting, the final shape of the project took form as a unique combination of photographs and sculpture.

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