Marine Drone Skims Our Oceanic Refuse

Elie Ahovi industrial design

Elie Ahovi industrial design

Elie Ahovi Industrial Design

In response to the problem posed by Veolia Environmental Services, Industrial Designer Elie Ahovi and fellow designers have concepted this fantastic solution to help collect the vast swaths of garbage floating in the seas (note: the infamous Texas-sized gyre of plastic and other debris collecting in the pacific ocean).

Their prospective “Marine Drone” is an autonomous, trash-skimming, sensor-equipped machine that detects trash in the ocean and scoops it into its net to be recycled. The drone is designed to navigate the ocean for two weeks at a time and would use an infrasound system to keep fish at bay.

Credits for the project:
Design – Elie Ahovi, Adrien Lefebvre, Philomene Lambaere, Marion Wipliez, Quentin Sorel, Benjamin Lemoal
3D modeling – Quentin Sorel, Benjamin Lemoal
Render – Elie Ahovi, Quentin Sorel, Benjamin Lemoal

To learn more about the project, and see more work, visit Elie’s personal site.