MAP by David Garcia Studio

MAP 005 Chernobyl is now available. It “is not a magazine (it only has two pages) and is not a book (it is issued twice a year). Map presents itself as a folded poster (A1) where information is immediate, dense and objective on one side, and architectural and subjective on the other. Map is a guide to potential actions in the built environment, a folded encyclopedia of the possible, a topography of ideas, or a poster on the wall.”

The new issue charts the history of major nuclear accidents, focusing on the Chernobyl reactor 4 explosion of 1986, mapping a minute by minute description of the events on nuclear plant cut-outs and info graphics. From its medical implications to the social impact of the accident and articles and input from scientists, this issue offers a wide spectrum of commentaries on the implications of radiation in this scarred landscape.

Back issues include MAP 001: Antarctica, 002: Quarantine, 003: Archive, and 004: Floods.
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MAP samples are currently on display with the traveling exhibition: Archizines, a showcase of new architecture fanzines, journals and magazines from around the world that provide an alternative to the established architectural press.

MAP is a publication by David Garcia Studio, an experimental architectural platform based in Denmark. The Studio’s work focuses on extreme environments through various scales, aiming to challenge the status-quo through inventiveness and a collaboration of pure and applied sciences with designers, artists and engineers.