Earth Day 2012

42 years after the first Earth Day, human population has grown to 7 billion. Our forests are still being cut down, toxic pollutants are still being spewed from every corner of the earth and species are going extinct at a faster rate than ever (25% of all mammal species face extinction within 20 years). Our CO2 emissions have skyrocketed, while the seas and their invaluable coral reefs are being acidified at an alarming rate. If that wasn’t enough, our total global nuclear arsenal hovers around 30,000 nuclear warheads (not including the world’s 441 nuclear reactors) and our global climate is undergoing one of its many changes, this time created by the hand of man.

It’s clear that “Earth Day” shouldn’t only come once a year.

This year I’m challenging myself and those around me to step up our conservation efforts not only by doing all the obvious things–saving energy whenever possible, driving less, recycling–but to simply walk and take awe in the grandeur of this planet with all its complexities, mysteries and strangeness.

This planet accommodates infinite forms of life and non-life that have the power to inspire our imaginations. Through its unwavering and sometimes brutal cycles of life and death, the earth and its ecosystems provide all the grandeur one could expect from spirituality, art and technology. This Earth Day enjoy the adventure and curiosity of this ball we call home.

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    I’m sharing this amazing post on behalf of Odie and the ready of us earth creatures. This is a perfect wake up call to those of us who call earth home! Take note!
    Love Odie and Odie mama.

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