James Victore: American Badass

Offering an opinion is crucial to getting noticed for any single person or entity. An opinion helps to define a context and an identity, and if presented in a proper way, can help the audience define their own (whether they agree or not) opinion; their own personal truth.

A great example of someone who speaks their mind through their design work is self proclaimed American Badass, James Victore.

“I strive for one thing in my work: to make it personal. I believe that, as a graphic designer, if you do a good job of telling your own story, putting your experience, your knowledge, and your life into your work, it will resonate with your audience. Simply put, in the particular lies the universal. If I am too careful not too offend, too worried about what the client will think, or, even worse, if I become a stooge for marketing concerns, and forget to bring my sense of play or poetry to the work, how can we expect the public to get excited?” –James Victore.

James Victore’s work is consistently successful and oddly intriguing, I suspect, not only because it is visually powerful, but because it offers the confident opinions of the man behind it. As James would agree, The viewer cannot hope to take anything of value from a work if it does not strive to offer and request something personal, something in need of an opinion, something the viewer can contribute to and help to define.

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In his book (pictured Above): ‘Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss?’ James presents not only top quality portfolio work, but a chronology of work that represents his own development—with its failures and successes. It is highly personal and beautifully ‘badly designed’ with all the things designers typically hate—hyphens, reversed copy on black, extra wide columns, etc. If you are interested in discovering fresh, unpolished and engaging work outside the norm,
check out ‘Victore or, Who Died and Made You Boss?’

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