Bordo Bello 2011

The work
Above is my skateboard from this year’s fourth annual Bordo Bello Fundraiser. The skateboard features a quote by French sociologist, philosopher and political commentator Jean Baudrillard.

“It is always a question of proving the real by the imaginary, proving truth by scandal, proving law by transgression, work by the strike, proving the system by crisis and capital by revolution.”

The quote is taken from one of his most popular ideas of ‘Simulacra and Simulation’. In this work Baudrillard claims that modern society has replaced all reality and meaning with its ever increasing fabrication of images and signs, and that everything is now a simulation of reality. Simulacra are not representing a false reality, nor do they hide a reality, they merely hide that anything like reality is irrelevant to our current perception and experience of our lives.

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Bordo Bello
Bordo Bello is essentially an affordable skateboard-art auction for which artists and designers from around the country create artwork on blank skateboard decks. The result is a vibrant and beautiful event all about “breathing life into the Denver arts community.” The goal is to expand the audience of AIGA Colorado and open up the design community to incorporate the related artistic fields that help shape our culture. Bordo Bello has become one of Colorado’s premier artist events that brings together artists nation-wide for a common good.

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