Have A Real Conversation

If you want to inform your audience about your product or service (and ultimately sell it to them), you are going to have to communicate with them. A common mistake that many companies make when “communicating” is that they end up only talking about themselves and how wonderful their product is. By only telling, telling, telling, and never allowing a larger payoff for your audience, you will be largely ignored or thought of as a nuisance (nobody likes to listen to someone who only ever talks about themselves).

For example, one of the reasons social media in general has been so successful is because it allows people to have an experience; the ability to speak, to post their own ideas and photos. Everyone is on the same level, they can tell others about themselves and have dynamic conversations with people and organizations that aren’t sitting right next to them. In short, it offers a very large payoff for visiting a website. It fosters conversation.

Creating a successful “payoff” does not necessarily mean you have to build a multi-billion dollar international social media machine. A successful payoff could be something very simple: a laugh, a game, a sponsored event, an interesting question, something that challenges the audience to respond, to make the next move, to build a deeper, more memorable experience. Creating that experience is important because it will be associated with your company, product or service.

Although it sounds cheesy, you need to act more like a friend having a real conversation­-getting involved, asking questions and making memories, not just a salesman pitching a product.

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